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    Unusual G.e.N.e.S. (which stands for “Geeks Elevating Natural Everyday Style”) is the brainchild-clothing brand of creator Andre Accoo aka "Mr. Aktain", whom considers himself a technical “GEEK”. As a student of art all his life, he became visually artistic with what ever comes to his mind. He went from drawing all day, to graphic design, to television, and now in fashion. Andre has show his artistic geeky ways in his visions, without worrying about what people may say.

    Unusual GeNeS Clothing is a brand that represents people individuality, intelligence and confidence within a society that's always evolving. Unusual GeNeS Clothing is here to show that being label as a “GEEK” isn’t a negative or offensive thing. Anyone with intelligence or smarts within their chosen career field can be considered a “GEEK”. From Hustlers (Street Geeks), to College Students (School Geeks), to Urban Professionals (Business Geeks), anyone can be considered a “GEEK”.

    Unusual Geeks Elevating Natural Everyday Style!
    From the streets to the WORLD!


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