Our Unusual Story

 Andre Accoo, Owner & Designer of Unusual Genes Clothing.


Formed in 2008, Unusual Genes Clothing became this unique streetwear brand from its owner/designer, "Dre The Kreator" (@dre_thekreator), whom considers himself a creative and technical genius or “GEEK”. As a student of the creative arts all his life, he became visually artistic with whatever pops up into his brain. From sketching and drawing, Dre progressed into an early career in graphic design, then TV media, and then into education. With his experiences within the design & media industries, as well as being a respected graphic design educator (for 10+ years), Dre embarks into showing his "unusual" ideas in fashion with his Unusual Genes Clothing brand being his canvas.

Mission Statement:

Unusual Genes Clothing is a NYC-Based clothing brand that represents individuality, character and confidence in style, within a changing & evolving society.